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The Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics is an educational organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics in Louisiana's schools, to assist other organizations in promoting interest in mathematics in Louisiana, and to collaborate with other organizations of teachers of mathematics.


Congratulations to This Year's LATM Outstanding  Teacher Awardees


2016 LATM Outstanding

Elementary School Math Teacher

Tiffany May

Mayfair Labratory School



2016 LATM Outstanding

Middle School Math Teacher

Bennett Becnell

Napoleonville Middle School

2016 LATM Outstanding

High School Math Teacher

Amanda Folette

 Mansfield High School


2016 LATM Outstanding

New Math Teacher

Nikki Martien

Delhi Elementary School


2016 LATM Outstanding

Math Educator

Louisa Hodges

Wedgewood Elementary School



Congratulations to 2016 LATM Lifetime Service Award Recipient, Nell McAnelly

The Lifetime Service to Mathematics Education Award recognizes a LATM member for distinguished service in the field of mathematics education who made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of education in mathematics and/or mathematics teaching over a significant period of time. The nominee must have been a member of LATM for a minimum of 5 years and also exhibited an excellence of contribution to the LATM organization.

Those are exceptionally high standards that we have set for this award and due to its highly selective nature, we have no expectation that we will present this award each year. As the term “Lifetime” suggests, we are referring to someone who has dedicated almost all of their adult life towards exemplary work in mathematics education and has now completed or is completing that life’s work.

As I think through other criteria that might be looked at such as:  

     Active leadership in mathematics education at local, state, or national level

     Noteworthy scholarly contributions to mathematics education at any level

     Direct and substantial contributions to the improvement of math education at any level and

    Overall excellence of contributions, I realize that few could be said to have done even half of these things. However, our awardee today has accomplished all of the above and so much more!

When our awardee started college, she began to set her course in life as she steered towards a degree in mathematics education. That gave her a solid foundation, and while teaching mathematics and science in high school, she continued her education by attaining a Master’s of Education in Administration and Supervision. At about that time, she started a career of teaching mathematics at the college level that lasted over 30 years.

Our awardee has served as an Associate Director of a center that provides mathematics educational outreach across the state. She has won numerous teaching awards including the BP Amoco Award for Undergraduate Teaching (chosen by peers), George H. Deer Distinguished

Teaching Award (chosen by peers), and Tiger Athletic Foundation Junior Division Excellence in Teaching Award (chosen by students).

Her service to mathematics includes local, state, and national levels.  Locally she has held membership and offices in Baton Rouge Area Council Teachers of Mathematics (BRACTM).  Her time as a member (20+ years) of LATM demonstrates outstanding dedication as she served in many roles.  Her leadership on the Executive Council was invaluable, especially when she served as Treasurer. She willingly served on any committee asked of her and performed exemplary work. Our awardee’s leadership in mathematics education extended throughout the state and nation.  She has served as Project Investigator and Lead Instructor for numerous LaSIP professional development projects funded through the state of Louisiana.  She directed many other state mathematics grants including those for MSP, LaGEAR UP, LRCE, and 8(g).  She was also the Executive Director of Quality Science and Mathematics. Many of you may have benefitted from this generous grant source for science and mathematics teachers in the past or may soon receive.

Her most recent grant work has served to change the landscape of mathematics education across our country. She was the Project Director of what is known at the national level as Engage New York. There she guided a national team in the development of challenging K-12 curriculum to support our new rigorous national standards.  Today this curriculum is marketed as Eureka Math and is being used across the United States.

Our awardee has been involved in the scholarship of mathematics education on many levels.  She has co-authored a LATM Journal column for the past 10 years.  While at the college level, she wrote curriculum for math courses including a Number Sense course and Algebraic Thinking course for elementary education majors.  In addition to writing and teaching the courses, she mentored numerous faculty who also taught the courses.

I came on the Executive Council of LATM eleven years ago. From my very first day there, I was instantly in awe of this person. Anytime I questioned what I needed to do, I picked up the phone and called her. She was always the most gracious person and gave me moral support and shared words of wisdom. There were times we would drive and meet halfway to sit and have in-depth discussions about LATM, math standards, reform in mathematics, and other topics.

I am amazed that she would have time to devote to anything else in her life….. but she has been able to make it all balance! Family, certainly has always come first. Her husband, Bob has been a constant support for her in all her endeavors… professionally, or otherwise. Her daughters and son were always a source of great joy. She is so proud of her three grandchildren, Caitlyn, Jacob, and Sean. They live in Houston, but she makes time to get there as often as possible.  Jim and Kristen have truly blessed her. You only have to ask her once if she has any pictures! Just within the last year, Meghan brought her a son in law, Phil. She was also devoted to her siblings.

We’ve talked mathematics and family, but there is still more! Our honoree has found time to offer community involvement, as well.  She has been active with the Academic Distinction Fund by serving on the Board of Directors, as an officer, and with committee membership and with the Girl Scouts USA at the national level and with the Audubon Girl Scout Council. She served on the ARC of Louisiana Foundation Board, Volunteer Baton Rouge, the Louisiana Arts and Science Center, Best Buddies, and many other organizations. I know that her work in all of these areas also reflected on her work with mathematics. If that weren’t enough, she has mentored many educators as they have become outstanding mathematics educators and leaders in the mathematics education community, in their own right. 

Is there still time for fun? Certainly, nothing gets in the way of her annual antiquing trip with her friends. She loves to travel…. All over the world…. Whether with family or friends. And did I mention, she has an affinity for fine wines?

As I was driving over on Sunday…. And wondering what I might say, I reflected on an activity that Tricia Miller and I had done at the NCTM Affiliates Leadership conference….. We talked about the Qualities of a good leader. As we thought of people we knew who seemed to be exemplary leaders, we wrote down those qualities. In the end, we compared those to The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John C. Maxwell.

Certainly, when I went through the list, it became evident to me that our awardee today possesses all of these qualities and more. I’m only sharing 10 of Mr. Maxwell’s qualities with you.

Character - Be a piece of the rock.

Communication – Without it you travel alone.

Competence – If you build it, they will come.

Generosity – Your candle loses nothing when it lights another.

Listening – To connect with their hearts, use your ears.

Passion – Take this life and love it.

Positive Attitude – If you believe you can, you can.

Responsibility – If you won’t carry the ball, you can’t lead the team.

Teachability – To keep leading, keep learning.

Vision – You can seize only what you can see.

I think these qualities shine through in Nell McAnelly, LATM’s 2016 Lifetime Service to Mathematics Education awardee…… don’t you all agree?

Presented by: Maryanne Smith, LATM Past President






2016 LATM Lifetime Service Award Recipient, Nell McAnelly


Presidential Award for Excellence
in Mathematics and Science Teaching

Congratulations to our

2014 Awardee

for the state of Louisiana in Mathematics


Kristen Mason
L.W. Ruppel Academy for Advanced Studies

Gretna, LA 

2015 Awardee
for the state of Louisiana  in Mathematics



Donna Patten

West Monroe High School

West Monroe, LA

2016 Finalists
for the state of Louisiana  in Mathematics

Ashleigh Jackson

Greenacres Middle School Bossier Parish

Claudia Suazo

Metairie Academy for Advanced Studies


Shannon Southwell

Barret Paideia Academy


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